Colds, Nature's Way of Telling us to Slow Down

Posted on 23rd November, 2016

It has been a hectic few weeks, with the work diary ramping up and the social calendar slowly filling up as well. Sadly, when you always work to the best of your ability and burn the candle at both ends, it catches up with you eventually. In my case it caught up with me in the form of a week of near exhaustion followed by a few days (so far) of coughing, sneezing and aching. I am currently sat snuggled up on my sofa typing this with my Lemsip Max Strength drink, typing away and wishing I was asleep. 


So tonight's post will be more of a brief catch up on the events since my last post (those many weeks ago!) In the most part, it has involved working and focusing on furthering my knowledge within social media and optometry. Both are huge factors in my life right now and will also factor me in well for the future. Investment in skills is a great foundation that has always served me well. 


Socially, most of my time has been following Bristol Rovers and their recent blip in form and preparing for my next storm chase. Passports, ESTAs, insurance and the like all need sorting and unfortunately the busy work diary and the subesequent bout of sickness has put a real stop on my ability to prepare.  Fingers crossed I'll be picking up by tomorrow and the chance to cross of a bit more off the to-do list will arise. We shall see...

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