'Donning another victory with a walk in the Harbourside sun

Posted on 12th April, 2017

Another week has flown by and we are nearing the mid-point of April 2017. It really is hard to believe that the year is flying by so quickly and it will be storm chasing season in a month's time. If you aren't already following my storm blog, then make sure you check it out!


Rovers had yet more luck on the final run in of games of the 16/17 season with a 1-0 win over Wimbledon. Byron Moore managed to find the net after only 11 seconds of play, making it one of the fastest scored goals in footballing history. The goal was enough to seal victory, although from the BBC radio commentary it would appear Rovers were lucky to hold on to their win. The highlights of the game, including the 11 second goal, can be seen below.


Highlights of Wimbledon vs. Bristol Rovers (Source: Official BRFC TV / YouTube)


Sunday involved catching up with my girlfriend and we headed out to the Bristol Harbourside to enjoy the warm and sunny weather. It was such a beautiful day out that we really couldn't excuse ourselves if we stayed in. Catching the bus into town, we walked around the centre and across to Hotwells. It was very busy but we still had a pleasant walk. 


Part of the walk we saw some of the model speedboats being raced around - initially we saw two, but they seemed to materialise out of thin air until five were spotted. I managed to take a video clip of them racing around (see below). Definitely a good day for it! We eventually stopped for a drink to refresh ourselves at the BSB Bar on the waterside. Sun and Heineken (with great company) certainly helped top off a great weekend.


R/C Speedboats in Bristol Docks (Source: www.eyesonjason.com)


Our day out ended with a stop off at the Bay Horse (yes...it seems like this place is becoming a regular haunt for me lately), where we refuelled with burgers and hunter's chicken, before catching the bus home. 


This week has already taken off with a great start...and I'll let you know more on my Easter update! Until then, as always, thanks for stopping by.

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