Professional Biography

A photograph of Jason

I started my career with eyes in November 2008, where I was taken on as a junior Ophthalmic Science Practitioner at Bristol Eye Hospital. With this role I was responsible for taking a variety of images, photographs and scans of different parts of the eye to help aid diagnosis and treatment of a range of eye diseases. It was during this time I developed a passion for helping people look after their eyes and discovered the profession of optometry. 

I gained two years experience at the hospital and was unconditionally offered a place at the prestigious Cardiff University to study Optometry and Vision Science, a three year degree.  During my university years, I managed a personal optometry blog that detailed my experiences and journey as a student optometrist.

This was picked up by the Association of Optometrists (AOP) and I eventually became their featured student blogger.  It was through this blog that I was able to link to many fellow students and optical professionals and help raise awareness of topics to both the public and within the profession.  It was due to this that I was nominated for, and subsequently won, the AOP Student of the Year 2012.

Jason on stage collecting the AOP Student of the Year Award - a screen with his face and name appear under the word "Winner" is shown behind him

I graduated from Cardiff University in July 2013 with a first class honours degree in Optometry and Vision Science and was able to enter my pre-registration year, the final step in qualifying as an optometrist. I spent my training year in a fantastic independent practice, found in the beautiful town of Monmouth.

Jason and his parents on his College of Optometrists graduation in Westminster

I was supervised by an extremely knowledgeable and experienced team of optometrists and encountered a wide variety of ocular conditions. I was continually assessed by the College of Optometrists through a series of visits and finished the year by undertaking a seventeen point practical examination in Manchester, whereby I passed each part with a good grade.  The College graduation took place in Westminster in 2014.

It was during my pre-registration year that I founded the Twitter account @optometrytweet, (now known as @EyeCareAdvocate - but had a 2 year spell as @EyesOnEyeCare) which shares news, events and stories regarding eyes, optometry and ophthalmology to likeminded professionals.  At time of writing, I have approximately 6,700 followers that regularly interact with my posts.  This means I am often on top of the latest developments and news within the optical professions.

The Eyes On Eye Care Logo, handwritten in black on a white background

Upon qualification, due to a change in personal circumstances, I decided to become a locum optometrist, as I was unaware of where I would be practising.  I have since worked in Newport, Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Swindon and Gloucestershire. Within months of qualification, I undertook my Welsh Eye Care Scheme (WECS) accreditation, allowing me to perform extended roles within primary care optometry, including minor eye condition assessment, pre- and post-cataract care and flashes and floaters assessments in Wales. 

In 2016, I was lucky enough to return to Bristol Eye Hospital as a Research Optometrist, where I was responsible for pre- and post-operative assessment of patients within the Predict-CAT Study. This study aimed to identify self-reported benefits of cataract surgery, whilst identifying features that are associated with a better or poorer surgical outcome. I ended my contract with the study in October 2017 to return my focus back to primary eye care.

I undertook my Professional Certificate in Glaucoma at Cardiff University, of which I completed in early 2019.

I moved to Gloucester with my fiancee in late 2019 and have since established a strong working relationship with the small and local chain John Weygang Optometrists LLP in Gloucester, where I aim to wind down my locum role to work as a part-time resident. Unfortunately this has been somewhat delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The pandemic has meant that I have been able to find time to undertake the Independent Prescribing course under Ulster University.