Privacy Policy

Who Am I?


I am Jason, an optometrist with the passion for storm chasing, visual effects and motion graphics. I have created to share aspects of my life that I enjoy, as well as to share knowledge that I have gained through my experiences. I am not online to act as a business and any reference from here on in regading to the word "services", I am referring to the use of this website. 


I gather and process visitor statistics and personal information that you provide whilst using this site in accordance to this privacy notice and in compliance with the relevant data protection regulations and laws. Any further information that you require, I am available for contact via the "Contact Me" page.


Whilst this website has been designed to be used by all, in order to be compliant with European Union and USA laws, I must include this page as a notice to visitors to know how their data may be taken and processed. If you are under the age of 18, we would appreciate if you could seek your parents, guardians or teacher to contact me on your behalf.

What Information Do I Collect?


With regards to your personal data, the only data that may be collected will be your name, email address/website URL and contact telephone number, should they be provided when leaving a comment on one of my blogs, or if using the Contact Me form.


Blog Comments

Blog comments require a name, which can be posted anonymously or as an alias/screen name.  This means that you have the opportunity to use your real name, or remain anonymous when posting comments to this site. Additionally, you are able to leave your website address, should you wish to link your comment to your own page. This is optional and I cannot be held responsible for any traffic that visits your website from the link that you provide. 


Blog comments are held to await moderation and I reserve the right to not publish comments if they are deemed offensive, derisory, or go against the intended friendly nature of this website. 


Contact Me 

Those who wish to contact me via the Contact Me form can choose to leave a name, valid email address and a valid contact telephone number. These functions are so that I can contact you back with any queries or questions raised. I try to reply to all contact requests where appropriate, unless stated that you do not wish to be contacted in reply.  Your name, like in the blog comments section, can be an alias. 


I will be notified by email of your message (a googlemail account) and a notification held by freeola (the website builder I use) for 30 days, before being automatically deleted. Once I have replied to your query, the email will be deleted, or encrypted and held on a secure folder on a harddrive, should the message contain information or legal data that may need to be used in a later setting. If this is the case, my reply to your message will inform you of this.  


Back-Link/Link Requests

Occasionally, I am contacted for a request for a website to be added. Providing the link is safe and the website it links too is appropriate for the nature of this website, it may be added to the links section of the website. Whilst I try to vet any links that appear on my website, I cannot be held responsible for any content or the privacy of your data on any external websites the link may link to. I mention the name of those who submit the link to give credit to them. Should you not wish to be identified in this way, please make this clear when submitting links. 


All information provided by these means will be submitted voluntarily, will not be sold or passed on to any other entity. 

Cookies and Other Browser or Device-Based Storage


I set and use first party cookies on to aid in the functionality of the website and to allow me to analyse anonymised statistics and data on the usage of the website. The first party cookies contain no personal information and are set to be used solely on You can set how websites use cookies by delving into your browser settings, but be aware that if you do disable or block all cookies used by this website. 

Google Analytics


The services provided by Google Analytics enable me to monitor and analyze web traffic and can be used to keep track of website visitor behaviour. The information allows me to see where in the world my visitors come from and to work out trends in popular posts/content, allowing me to provide relevant content in the future. 


Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google LLC (“Google”). Google utilizes the Data collected to track and examine the use of this Application, to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services.


Google may use the Data collected to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network.


Personal Data collected: Cookies; Usage Data.


Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy – Privacy Shield participant. 

Your Rights As a Website Visitor


As a visitor, you are able to exercise certain rights regarding the data you provide to me. You have the right to do the following:

  • Withdraw consent at any time (including if consent has been given previously)
  • Object to processing of your data 
  • Access to your stored data (a copy of any identifiable data I hold on a visitor can be requested by that individual at any time)
  • Verification and rectification of data (if you believe I have incorrect or out of date data, you have the right to verify its accuracy and to update or withdraw the data held at any time)
  • Deletion of your data (if you wish for me to delete any data I have on you as a user, I will do so when aware of your request)
  • Lodge a complaint (if you have a complaint on how I handle your data, please contact me via the "Contact Me" page and I will act upon this in the first instance. If I do not handle this appropriately, you have the right to escalate to the ICO.

Exercising these rights

Any requests to invoke these user rights can be directed to me through the Contact Me page provided on this page or by email These rights can be exercised free-of-charge and will be addressed by me as soon as possible, but always within a month. 

Updated 24th November 2019