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Storm chasing has a huge community and interest in this exciting field is growing constantly in the eye of the media. If you are interested storms or storm chasing, these links should help you explore that interest further.


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The website that I discovered the storm chasing community and led to me getting out there and experiencing the thrill of the storms myself. This website has lots of weather discussion, both UK and USA and access to a whole lot of weather forecasting data.
Weather Holidays is the company that I book my storm tours from. Very good value for the amount of experience and the accuracy from the lead chase teams. Always full of fun and the experience is more than just about the stormy weather. I recommend that you book a place on their high demand tour schedule!
The Storm Prediction Center forecasts areas of high risk of severe weather, including the risk of lightning, hail and tornadoes.
A great resource for seeing the latest forecasts and models.
Disasters, both large and small, have lasting effects on our communities. While many people associated disaster mental health with natural disasters, the global pandemic that our world is struggling through right now will have lasting effects on our population. Our clinical trials are looking to dive deeper into research around disaster mental health and how our communities can put the right pieces in place to address issues today.
A great website that helps with tips on how to prepare for weather emergencies. It contains tips on how to keep you and your home safe during tornado outbreaks, hurricanes, flooding, wildfire and winter weather. Thank you to aspiring meteorologist (and Scout) Peyton Wertz for sharing this great resource.
An interesting page discussing the types of cloud that form and what they mean. A big thank you to Jake from the Salt Lake City Children's Network Programme for sharing this useful page!
This website, created by Melanie Nelson, compiles a useful list of tips and strategies to best prepare for natural disasters. It is a must read for those who live in disaster prone areas or seek out disasters as a job/hobby.
For those living in areas prone to natural disasters, this article on the Vanderbilt University page covers how you can best prepare your family and home for any potential disasters.Submitted by Melanie Nelson of
Whilst this page mainly focuses on the dangers of storms, flooding is the number 1 natural disaster in the USA - and can be caused by floods. This article helps to provide information on how best to prepare your home for floods. Thank you to Melanie Nelson of for providing this link
This great guide explains the dangers of flash floods and how best to handle them if you are caught in one whilst driving. Thanks to Melanie Nelson of for providing this link.
This webpage looks at weather vanes and their uses in localised weather indication, with guides on how they work and how to make one. Thank you to Anna and her team at Book Slide in Seattle for supplying us with this link.
The comprehensive resource covers what you should do before, during, and after a hurricane plus different storm danger levels according to the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale.
A great resource that you can refer to in order to ensure your home is prepared for natural disasters.
A great website with lots of links regarding different types of severe weather and how to stay safe when it arises. Many thanks to Megan and LouAnne for contacting me with the recommendation of this page.