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Storm chasing has a huge community and interest in this exciting field is growing constantly in the eye of the media. If you are interested storms or storm chasing, these links should help you explore that interest further.


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The website that I discovered the storm chasing community and led to me getting out there and experiencing the thrill of the storms myself. This website has lots of weather discussion, both UK and USA and access to a whole lot of weather forecasting data.
Weather Holidays is the company that I book my storm tours from. Very good value for the amount of experience and the accuracy from the lead chase teams. Always full of fun and the experience is more than just about the stormy weather. I recommend that you book a place on their high demand tour schedule!
The Storm Prediction Center forecasts areas of high risk of severe weather, including the risk of lightning, hail and tornadoes.
A great respurce for seeing the latest forecasts and models.
A great website that helps with tips on how to prepare for weather emergencies. It contains tips on how to keep you and your home safe during tornado outbreaks, hurricanes, flooding, wildfire and winter weather. Thank you to aspiring meteorologist (and Scout) Peyton Wertz for sharing this great resource.