Eyes On Eye Care was established in the Summer of 2013 under the original name @OptometryTweet. Focused mainly on sharing optometry-related stories on Twitter, the account quickly became an early influencer within the optometry circles of Twitter.

@OptometryTweet soon became a Facebook and Instagram page, with the main goal of raising awareness of issues within optometry and promoting good eye health.  In 2016, Jason was asked to help with a client's social media account and he quickly became frustrated at the lack of free-to-use and optometry focused social media content and realised how expensive paid subscriptions could be for others to provide their content to you. It was then he looked at creating alternatives.

In late 2016, he started an interest in video creation and animation, perhaps as an off-shoot from the editing of the storm chasing videos that he had created over the previous two years. Combining this interest with his passion for optometry and vision science, he focused on creating both images and small animations with optometry as a focus. Being actively involved with optometry and patient care, he could see first-hand some of the topics that patients were not aware of and could use these experiences to create relevant content.

By 2018, most of the content for @OptometryTweet was being produced for Facebook and Jason soon found that the name for the project no longer felt relevant. He made the decision to rebrand to Eyes On Eye Care, which doesn't draw focus to any particular social media platform. Additionally, the name ties in with the theme of Jason's social media handle and website "eyesonjason", allowing an extention to his branding. 

In August 2018, Jason took the plunge and decided to learn how to use the creative studio produced by Adobe (The Adobe Creative Cloud), spending most of his time using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator, of which he uses for most of his creations. Since moving away from storm chasing, he alternates his attention between his career in optometry, video content creation (such as motion graphics and visual effects) and social media content creation, of which he provides a selection of images for optical businesses to download and use for free on their websites and social media feeds. He also accepts content creation requests and encourages practices to contact him for quotes on specific and unique content.