Lovely Weekend...Play-Off Hopes Dashed

Posted on 24th April, 2017

After the recent few weeks full of excitement, the last week has quietened down somewhat. Unfortunately I was unwell in the week and also hurt my back helping a patient, which meant that the ability to enjoy life to the full was not easy!  The weekend however, was really chilled and gave me a good chance to recover. Also, those eagle-eyed among you will notice that the Vision Science section of the website has sprung to life. Check it out if you want to know a bit more about how we see...


The weekend mostly centred around Hannah's visit to Bristol, where we caught up with our weeks. It wasn't too long since I visted her in Gloucester, where we enjoyed a day exploring with ingress, as well as made our presence known to the local ingress community. Most of the weekend has been spent watching our current favourite shows: Taskmaster, Dave Gorman's Modern Life is Goodish and The IT Crowd - shows that I have seen before, but are ones I can watch time and time again. It definitely is good to see Hannah enjoying the same things as I do - well I hope she's enjoying them!


Whilst catching up and watching some shows, I failed to remember that Rovers were playing their penultimate game of the season against Peterborough. The occasional check on the results were depressing; Rovers 2-0, then 4-0 down, followed by a brace by Rovers' striker Rory Gaffney to make the final result 4-2. It was a disappointing result as the loss meant that Rovers are now out of contention for the play-offs. What was even more heartbreaking was the fact Southend and Millwall lost as well...meaning we had a real shot of sneaking into the last play-off spot on the final game of the season this coming Sunday... The highlights of the game can be seen below:


"Highlights" of the crushing defeat of Bristol Rovers vs Peterborough (Source: Official BRFC TV / YouTube)


Disappointment aside, the day picked up. The sun was shining, it was feeling warm and we were meeting my close friends Charlie and Sarah in Fishponds for a meal at Porto Lounge. The lounge is one of many in the south west area and a meal here is a great experience. I have been here previously for breakfast and found the food of high quality. They cater for vegans (although, this shouldn't affect my menu choice...the meatier...the better!) and have a great reputation in the area. I settled for a pint of IPA and a Brunch Burger from the specials menu.  If you are in the Bristol area, then you should definitely pop by and sample the menu. Fun Fact: The first of the Lounges was actually built in an old opticians store (got to like the link to eyes!)


The evening ended with a small drink at the Staple Hill Oak before heading home to watch a few more episodes of Dave Gorman and really was a weekend heavy on television!  Another thing both Hannah and I are into right now is the Fallout Shelter game. This "freemium" game has to be the biggest drain on my is so addictive and like having multiple tamagotchis that need pandering to. I was a big fan of Fallout 4 so I also think I may be drawn into this because of that...  I'll let you know how the game develops...


Fallout Shelter

My Fallout Shelter... with world tensions as they are, makes sense to start

planning the construction of one, right?


Sunday soon cameby and, after a lazy start, our day progressed to playing Ingress in Page Park. The weather was once again very warm and skies showing signs of slight convective activity (nothing much...but enough to make me excited for full-blown convection in Tornado Alley next month...). We managed to eat a decent sized Mr Whippy Ice Cream, before slowly ambling back to the flat again to relax in front of another episode of Taskmaster...


I did get a brief interruption midway through, by a neighbour who had rolled his car (by accident) into mine due to a failed handbrake. Thankfully minimal damage was done and if I am honest, wouldn't have noticed if he hadn't informed me... Still, I thanked him for telling me and told him to enjoy the rest of his evening as it appears no harm done.


And with that note...I shall catch you in the next blog post. Have a lovely week! 

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