Blood, Snow and Cocoadile Tears

Posted on 9th March, 2018

Look at this! I'm writing another blog post. I'm on a roll!  It may be a bit of a weird title for the blog but it sums up the last week or so quite well.  As you may well know (especially if you live in the UK or follow my Storm Chasing Blog), the UK was battered by Storm Emma and a very cold spell from the east (otherwise known as "The Beast From the East"), resulting in chaos as snow brought most of the country to a shut down.


Blizzard-conditions in Yate, Bristol

Blizzard-like conditions in Yate on March 2nd 2018


Thankfully, my locum diary was empty over this period, so I did not have to worry about battling in to see my patients. Unfortunately it did mean Hannah was unable to get to work on the Friday (although fortunately for me, we got to enjoy the snowy weather together!).  More on the snowy weather can be found on my Storm BlogsThe Beast From the East Meets Storm Emma #1 and The Beast From the East Meets Storm Emma #2. Feel free to check them out if you haven't already!


Snow along Shire Way, Yate

Snow conditions along Shire Way in Yate


Although nice to have a break and not have to worry about letting people down due to the bad weather, work has been very quiet of late. It has forced me into re-evaluating the way I work and do feel some work changes may occur following the summer.  That said, I am meeting with a potential new client on Wednesday, which will help make sure I am kept busy up until the Storm Chase this coming May.



I wrote about stress management, whilst mildly stressed. Thankfully I managed to practice what I preached!

With all this time on my hands, I have been able to write a few blogs for both my website and for Prospect Health. I really enjoy writing these blogs as it helps me to both teach training optometrists learn some about working as a qualified optometrist, but also allows me to reflect on my own work.  My latest blog for Prospect Health aims to remind optometrists to be mindful of themselves - we work in a challenging role and stress management is not something we get taught particularly well in university. You can read read Be Mindful...of You! here.


Jason with the College of Optometrists' Handbook

Refreshing my knowledge with the College Guidance for Professional Practice


On top of blogging and refreshing myself on the latest College of Optometrist's guidelines (fantastic guide came through the post this week!), I have had the chance to unwind on my Xbox One. It's been sometime since I've sat down with a good game and this week I have spent a good majority of it trying to complete the Xbox 360 classic, Viva Pinata. The game consists of a garden and some gardening tools, with your goal to transform the garden to allow different species of come and visit and reside there. It is a logical thinking game and really helped to keep my mind busy during the quiet week. I've finally come to the end...hence the cocoadile tears! (Cocoadile is one of the species before anybody asks...and yes...I do need a new hobby - or work for that matter!)


Viva Pinata for Xbox One

Viva Pinata. With the colourful and happy environment, I wished I was there rather than snowed in!


The final big event of the week involves my first ever blood donation. Hannah has wanted me to come to a donor session with her pretty much since we started dating. Last night (Thursday 8th) was the first chance that we both had the opportunity to do so at her usual location in Stroud.  After polishing off an Empire State Burger at The Lord John Wetherspoons, we walked across to the donation centre. After all preliminary checks, I was soon sat donating blood for the first time. 


Blood bags

I encourage everyone who can give blood to give blood. It's quick, easy and relatively painless!


Interestingly, storm chasing came up as a topic of interest as I was asked if I had any dangerous hobbies or interests. Although storm chasing is potentially dangerous, I am rarely exposed to the elements in a way that injury will result. Additionally, the amount of time I am chasing results in the risk being lessened greatly. I'll definitely be giving blood again when I next possibly can and really encourage those who can give blood to give blood! I've also signed up for the British Bone Marrow Registry, which again is something that people who are able to donate should register for. Those 40 minutes to an hour that you give up really can help save a life. If you are interested in registering, then you can do so via


We struck gold with this tornado, I'm not sure if I'll see another one quite like it!


The talk about chasing reminds me that it is only a few months before I fly back out to Tornado Alley to witness some of these amazing sights again. If you wish to follow my adventures with Adam and Olly then feel free to subscribe to me on Facebook: eyesonjasonTwitter: @eyesonjason and YouTube: eyesonjason. My Storm Chasing Blog will be updated daily whilst chasing, so feel free to have a read. 


Until my next update, stay safe (and register to donate blood!)




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