She Said Yes...

Posted on 15th March, 2018

Hello there! This blog post comes with exciting news attached! To those who are close friends and family members, you will already know this news as we would have contacted you personally (or eventually found out on our social media pages), but on March 12th 2018 I found the courage to ask Hannah if she would like to marry me. Now you'll probably know what the answer was (after all, it is printed in big letters above this post!) I've never been so happy to hear the word "YES!"


Jason and Hannah get engaged, with Hannah showing her engagement ring

She said yes. That's all that matters in the world right now


Many have asked how and where I proposed.  So for those who are interested, here is how it was done (I'll probably leave out some details to keep the wedding speech fresh!).  I have long planned to propose during our upcoming summer holiday in Ibiza, however, Hannah being the bright button that she is (and how bad I am at keeping exciting news to myself), I knew that she had worked it out. This was going to ruin the surprise and have spent the last few months trying to shift attention to hinting it will be during a short break away in Croyde later in the year. 


After a pretty bare work calendar this year, finances were a little tighter than how I usually like them, I even implied that I couldn't afford the ring that she had kindly picked out and sent links about to me.  Little did she know that I had already purchased said ring and it was hiding away.  Still pushing for Croyde and portraying lack of disposable income, the scenario was set that she would have no idea that the question would be asked so soon...  All this planning on how to do this sort of reminds me of How I Met Your Mother, where Barney elaborately plans his proposal to Robin - a scene that hits me in the feels every time I watch it - I've included the scene below


The Robin, one of my favourite How I Met Your Mother scenes (Credit: Ivo Andonov/YouTube)


My plan was not quite as devious or as cunning as Barney's, but I sort of prefer mine as it did result in me becoming the happiest guy in the world!  The rest of the plan sort of was quite basic. Keep the ring nearby at all times and when the moment was right, pop the question. This plan was so it was a surprise to me as well as everyone else, as well as to remove any pressures or expectation. It worked!  As for the rest of the details, you'll have to wait until the wedding speech for that! It'll only be a few years you'll have to wait, as we expect the date to be in May 2020 ;) 


Jason and Hannah as shot by Christy Blanch of

The happy couple, as shot by Christy Blanch of Christy Blanch Photography


 The great news is that the great work in the "Pre-Wedding Shoot" that got many excited about our news last month proved useful - and may have caused me to hurry up and ask the question. I really recommend the fantastic photographer Christy Blanch, who kindly took our photographs in February.  We are still raving about her great photography skills to everyone we meet, so do feel free to check out her website and also consider purchasing one of her couples shoots. It looks like we will be looking to request her skills again in the near future...


Thank you all for taking the time to read our news and we would also like to say thank you to all those who have sent us cards, gifts and posted well-wishes on our social media sites. Until the next post...





Also...if I have stirred your interest of How I Met Your Mother, one of my favourite TV series of all time, Amazon now sell the complete boxset. It's worth a watch through if you haven't watched it before. I have always thought of myself a bit like the lead character, Ted, and like me, he does find a happy ending. I think also it is available on Netflix, although talks of it being taken off do keep surfacing!


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