The Schloer, the Mop and the Wardrobe

Posted on 26th March, 2018

It's been a busy time since I last wrote to inform you all of my engagement to Hannah and we are still overwhelmed by the well-wishes, cards and gifts we have received to celebrate our news (and currently drowning in Champagne - if anybody wants to come over and help us drink some of the bottles!).


The title of this blog pretty much sums up the major events since the last post. After a busy clinic on Friday, I met up with my friend Daryl to ask formally if he's be half of my best man duo planned for the future wedding (the other askee is away on holiday and cant get hold of him...). Thankfully he said yes (although he knows me a little too well and has the worst stories about me - so his speech should be entertaining)!


Shit She Said Yes....

Daryl & Charlie's cards from Dragonfly Print / Etsy


I found these funny cards on Etsy, which did the job perfectly. Adding a few personal requests and jokes had Daryl reeling in laughter (ok...perhaps not that much, but appreciated that I tried to have a joke!).  By the time I reached home, I was exhausted and unfortunately knocked out a bottle of Schloer over the floor in the kitchen. As if life hadn't taught me many times already, glass bottles and hard surfaces don't get on so well if they meet suddenly and, desperately needing sleep, Hannah and I found ourselves sweeping up glass and Schloer off the kitchen floor instead.  Thankfully, all shards of glass gone and the mess cleaned up...but I won't plan on repeating that in a hurry!


With the Schloer done, we shall now move on to the Mop. For those who do not know about the Chipping Sodbury Mop Fair, it is an event that happens in Chipping Sodbury twice a year (usually March and September), where many fairground rides are set up on the highstreet and carnival games line the sides. I remember the Mop from when I was a youngster, often going with my family on the Saturday afternoons when it was quieter. I also remember it from my late teens, where many people of my age at the time (16-18) used it as an excuse to get rowdy and underage drink. It was this that put me off and hadn't really considered returning since. 


Hannah and Jason at the Mop Fair

Enjoying the sights and sounds of the Chipping Sodbury Mop


Hannah had expressed interest in going, so after a day of building IKEA flatpack furniture (I will get on to that shortly), we dropped the car off at my parents and wandered over to Chipping Sodbury to see wat it was like. Although much quieter than I remembered, the fairground highlights were all there (bar the ferris wheel - much to my relief!).  Hannah and I went upon the Jiminy Cricket Ride (rotating and bouncing) and also the Mega Dance ride (known as Pure Adrenalin' at the Mop).  My levels of daring have dropped significantly after aging and watching the Final Destination movies, so I did feel brave attempting the rides (I used to love them!) and now with experience and a slightly larger belly, I felt every drop and turn. This getting older malarkey isn't any fun! 


Pure Adrenalin'? I need pure anti-sickness for these things nowadays...


The Mop made for a nice change of atmosphere as we had ordered IKEA wardrobes and a chest of drawers for the weekend, with the plan to make them up. After a few hours of banging and screwing the things together we are now in possession of some storage in our bedroom (not bad considering it's been 5 months since we moved in). The end result looks pretty good...although it is mostly used for Hannah's items (naturally!) I'm sure she will save me a little bit of room...I hope!


With my 30th birthday in 2 days time, I have a week of activities planned. Until then, enjoy your week and as always, thanks for reading. 


Jason and Hannah

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