I Made it to 30!

Posted on 3rd April, 2018

Fanfares please, I am happy to announce that I made it around the sun 30 times this week as Wednesday saw my 30th birthday. It's a bit of a milestone and one I am pleased to have reached. Big milestones mean big celebrations and after 7 days of birthday plans I am now in the position to catch up with the blog. 


Tuesday 27th 

Tuesday saw my birthday eve, where I enjoyed a day working in practice with colleagues and friends (of course there was some ribbing that I was getting older...) before heading off in the evening for a great family meal at Henry's Oriental in Chipping Sodbury.  As usual, the food was tasty and everyone enjoyed his fine cuisine. I always enjoy a pint (or two) of the beer that they offer here - Piston Broke, by the Box Steam Brewery in Bristol. Not only does it taste good, but allows me to make the great joke that if I drink too much of it, I'll live up to the name of the beer... (I'll leave you to work that one out!). 


My colleagues at F L Wangler Opticians, of whom I locum for, also put together this fantastic image to wish me a happy birthday. I for one think it's excellent - thank you!


I laughed a little too hard at this one. Thank you Simon and team!


Wednesday 28th 

Happy 30th to me!


Hannah woke me a little early so we could chill before she left for work (and to make sure I wasn't too tired for when we had the landlord visit). I had plenty of cards and gifts to open and felt extremely spoiled. I received a voucher for Go Ape from Hannah (something we've both wanted to do together for ages!) and she revealed we would have a night away at The Glove House in Woodstock - a real treat (but more about that on a later post). I also received a power drill, some money and gift vouchers and...a large gift voucher from my future mother-in-law for London Camera Exchange (for a new lens to capture my upcoming adventures in tornado alley this May).


After a brief visit by our landlord, I spent the day doing menial things. It was quite good to get a haircut and do a bit of shopping without the feeling of guilt that not working usually brings. The afternoon plans were to see my parents, who came over in the late afternoon, before Hannah came home. She soon whisked me away to the Bell Inn at Old Sodbury for dinner. 


Jason at The Bell at Old Sodbury

I'm not used to being spoilt... but I'll let it slide because I'm 30!


Hannah and I have both driven by here on numerous occasions and have never visited. We both suggested a visit for my birthday and we are certainly glad that we did. Everything about the place screamed brilliance; from the friendly welcome from the staff to the style and the decor. The menu was varied and the prices more than reasonable. I opted for a pint of Wadworth's 6X to accompany a beef burger and Hannah a coke to wash down a chicken burger. 


Now those of you that know me, know that I love a good burger. I have to say that this burger topped the charts in my opinion and it certainly warrants a second visit to eat again.  I haven't stopped raving about it since! 


Thank you all for such a wonderful birthday experience and for the cards, gifts and well-wishes!


Thursday 29th

You would have thought that the return to work on the Thursday would have been a bump to earth - back to normality. In some ways, yes (there are only so many cataracts you can get excited about!) but I remained in good spirits as I was off for another meal with the practice in the evening. With many good friends to work with, at times, it doesn't feel like work. They kindly bought me some cards and a balloon - as well as treated me to a fantastic meal at Prezzo in Newport. Thank you for your kindness again!


Jason and the Wanglers Team in Newport

Enjoying italian food in Prezzos with the staff of Wangler Opticians, Newport


After a tasty meal and a social catch up, it was time to retun home and prepare for a busy-looking Easter weekend...although more about that on a later post (hopefully published later this week!)


Thank you all again for the lovely birthday wishes, cards and gifts!  


Until next time, 




EDIT: I know what you are thinking..."Where's the cake!?!?!" - Hannah made one for me, but we didn't get to eat it until the Easter weekend - the post is on its way!  I'll give you a sneak preview of her cake making skills!


Jason's 30th Birthday Cake - by Hannah SutlowCAKE!!!!!!


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