Beast from the East Meets Storm Emma #1

Posted on 1st March, 2018

Greetings from the freezing town of Yate, where my thermometer currently shows the toasty temperature of -4.6°C (and a "Feels Like" of -13°C, due to the wind chill). There is also a mild dusting of snow on the ground from the frequent snow showers. 


Netweather Rainfall Radar at 8:40 on March 1st 2018

The cold weather mixes with the cold, giving us some light snow at 8:40 this morning. This is

the calm before the storm.


It's been a while again since posting a blog post (something I must have gotten out of the habit of doing) and using the combination of a quieter work diary and the massive weather event that the UK is experiencing to try and make amends! I'm also writing as my girlfriend Hannah is out in work and I'm just hoping she can get back ok before the worst of the weather is expected.


The view from my window in Yate, United Kingdom

The view of the dusting outside of my home office today at 8:50 am


The UK has had a cold spell, correctly predicted by the Global Forecasting System (of which many forecasters may have initially scoffed at)...but the cold weather from the East has made its way across to the UK. The South East and Northern parts of England have already seen substantial snowfall and, as usual, the snow has failed to make a full appearance here in Bristol. That said, this cold weather is due to meet the low pressure system, known as Storm Emma, this afternoon and further chaos due to the weather is predicted in our area. Unusually, we are under an Amber Warning for snow and ice in this area, which means we need to make preparations for severe weather.  Our warning can be seen below (Credit: The UK Met Office).


Amber Warning for South West UK

The Met Office Amber Warning for South West UK where I am based


The weather isn't just going to affect our region either, with multiple weather warnings in place across the UK. There are two red warnings also in effect, with central Scotland and even other parts of the South West of England and Wales with the "Take Action" Red Warning in effect. The media will be very interesting to review over the next few days and hopefully people will heed to warnings to minimise loss of life. I include an image from the UK Met Office showing all the warnings in effect.


The UK Weather Warnings

All UK Weather Warnings for March 1st 2018




It has also been noted that the weather does like to draw shapes with its varying intensities (it's that or the people who draw the warnings on the map like to get creative!). Scotland has its very own Nessie warning! This is not the only time where us weather geeks have spotted shapes in the forecasts, with the Storm Prediction Centre also drawing odd-shaped areas of danger! 


I'm not hugely aware of any wild dinosaurs running around this weekend but I the "Beast from the East" now has form (even if it does lack a face!)


So that is the current update on the Beast from the East/Storm Emma - I hope to keep this blog updated with changes - even if nobody reads it - for personal record!


Keep warm, stay safe and enjoy the views of the winter wonderland!




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