Beast from the East Meets Storm Emma #2

Posted on 3rd March, 2018

Welcome back to the second part of the cold and snowy town of Yate, albeit a little warmer than it was before (the local weather station is reading the tropical 3.6°C, as opposed to the freezing -4.6°C on Thursday). Thursday night saw blizzard like conditions with the strong winds of Storm Emma mixing with the already cold air brought in from the East. Thankfully, the snow is beginning to thaw, although driving conditions are still a little treacherous (with even the Mall at Cribbs Causeway being shut for the day). No more snow is predicted, but I do think it is going to be another day indoors (although Hannah does keep nagging me to take her to Nando's, so I'll be seeing if they are open later...)


The blizzard-like conditions in Yate as the Beast from the East interacted with Storm Emma

The blizzard-like conditions as Storm Emma interacted with the

Beast from the East


We awoke yesterday to wintery conditions and a significant amount of snow on the ground, which was enough for us to know it was going to be a snow day. We had noticed the interesting snow drifts in our garden, which had left some areas centrally without snow and others a few feet deep. It is the first time I have seen snow drifts like this. The high winds and blizzard like conditions observed over night also seemed a bit too much for our garden gnome!


Snow drifts in the garden, Yate

The snow in our back garden, choosing to ignore the centre of the path, 

drift in the corners (and on the decking) as well as wipe out out gnome!


After a lazy start, a bit of breakfast and plenty of warm coffee, we dressed ourselves to battle the cold conditions and took a stroll.  The snow was coming down lightly, but this snow was almost like tiny, hard ice-pellets - not feeling too dissimilar to small hailstones hitting you. Combining this with the strong winds, it did not make for a pleasant walking experience!  The snow was actually much deeper than it first looked and occasionally walking into areas where it has drifted against a slope did cause us to go knee-deep in the stuff at times. 


Westerleigh Road viaduct in the snowWesterleigh Road viaduct - quite picturesque in the snow


Despite how the weather felt, the snow did make for some brilliant scenery, the Westerleigh Road viaduct looked quite special in these conditions and there were plenty of photo-opportunities. As you can see, the roads were not in great shape - although this road was much better than many of side-roads and streets that we passed.  This is probably due to the presence of the snow plough, the first I've ever seen in this area. The driver kindly let me take a picture! They have done a great job in this awful weather!


South Glocuestershire Council snow plough in the snow


Our walk took us to Westerleigh Common and the "Road-to-Nowhere", a stretch of dual carriageway that was never completed.  It has been used several times as the setting for road scenes in TV shows (such as the BBC hits Broadchurch and Casualty). We didn't stay out too long due to the temperature and also wanting to return home for a drink. I still had time for a few photographs though!


Westerleigh Common in the snow

Westerleigh Common in the snow


The snow around here had frozen along the top, causing slight icy conditions. THe snow did make a satisfying crunch as we walked though. There was also a large lack of snowmen and snowball fights - the snow was very powdery and my attempt to throw a snowball at Hannah resulted in a handful of snow powder being blown straight back into my face - not pleasant (although one for instant karma!) Our walk also allowed us to see some fantastic icicles on some structures - the most impressive being on the porch of this house!


Incredible icicles in Yate

Awesome icicles on the porch of a house in Yate


It wasn't just on houses either - there were some cars that had been abandoned that had some impressive icicles on them too! I think it would take a little more than the car heater to rid this ice in a hurry!


Icy car abandoned in Yate

Icicles on a frozen car in Yate


Our return home nearly over, we decided to pop into the near by convenience store so I could pick up some beers. In the short time that we were in there, another snow shower came, this time much heavier than the day before.  Rushing back across to our house, I managed to quickly stop off to take a few photographs before warming up with some hot drinks (Rocket-Fuel Coffee for me and a hot chocolate with marshmallows for Hannah). We didn't seem to move from the sofa then until we went to bed. 


Sleds, Snow and Wind in Yate

Sleds, heavier snow and wind blowing snow from the rooftops along Shire Way, Yate


We woke to snow on the ground this morning, although it is thawing very quickly. No more snow is really expected here and with the temperature a good 9°C warmer than it was Thursday and yesterday, the signs that spring is on its way are beginning to show.  As much as this severe weather event has been interesting to experience, I'll be much happier when the temperatures rise further and hopefully see more of the sun!


Until the next weather event...(let's hope there are things to talk about before the end of May...), stay safe  (and keep warm!)



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