Time for reflection...

Posted on 15th August, 2018

I've been back in the UK for a couple of months now and had a long time to reflect on my experiences chase as a small team and the stories I have to tell. I was also forced to throw myself into working again as the start of the year was atrocious for booking and resulted in a minor cashflow problem, which has thankfully been rectified now. I also have had my first traditional holiday in a good 4 years this year in that time and as such have finally got myself together enough to start to go through footage and photographs to share. 


I will be splitting my free time (or free time that I have set aside to work on personal projects) between going through photographs and video to create some storm documentaries of the chases this year, as well as focusing on my longstanding ambition of creating a social media resource promoting eyes and eye health. This project, known as Eyes On Eye Care, will take up the majority of my time as I aim to maintain this ambition throughout my professional career as an optometrist. 


Eyes On Eye Care


As it stands, I will also be studying for a further qualifications within optometry, planning a wedding (and family...) and focusing on my career as an optometrist. This unfortunately means that my USA chasing days are over (well, for the medium-term at least...). I will always be buzzing when storm clouds roll in and be watching Olly, Adam and the Weatherholidays.com team each storm season and wishing I was out there with them chasing Nature's finest weather. 


For now, keep posted as I shift some of my content from my memory cards and through my video processor and on to this site and YouTube!

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