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Posted on 8th August, 2016

Hi readers, 


on top of my specialised pages for storms, gaming and photography, I felt I'd keep with the trend and blog about life in general. Keep tuned on this page for updates on my latest adventures and stories.



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Why don't you guys come down to India and watch me speak to the rain bearing clouds or the storm.

They obey immediately. I want to raise money for the suffering people of Africa and the rest of the world.

I have been protecting Chennai city (India) from incessant rains and storms for more than 20years.

Various state governments in India mocked at my offer which costs peanuts compared to the losses suffered by India as well as the relief mondey spentg which runs of billions of dollars.

I am on record with various media in India including BBC India. They do not want to challenge me on my claim. Neither do they say that they don't believe me. I have embarrrassed BBC India many times on their forecast for rain & storm in India by breaking the storm and stopping the rain..

If the storm chasers become my followers on Twitter @RegenVerhindere then I can post the proofs and also give my email adress and phone number.