Sunny Weekend in August

Posted on 8th August, 2016

So this weekend was the first weekend I have not worked in an optician's practice for 3 weeks and this meant I was more free to do a few social activities.  It was nice to have this break and to do a few things different.


On Friday (5th August) I had a pretty lazy day - more so sorting out bits and bobs with my new computer and tidying the flat. The evening was set aside to go with a close friend to the Bristol Sausage and Cider Festival in the Passenger Shed, Temple Meads.  This festival had a range of different ciders and a few sausage stands, whilst music of a variety of genres filled the hall. It was pretty fun and, despite the many types of cider sampled, I managed to keep a clear head for the Saturday morning.


The Saturday was filled with a trip with my two best friends, Charlie and Sarah, who had invited me to join them and their dogs to the Countryfile Live show at Blenheim Palace.  The weather could not have been better, with blue skies and a hot summer's day to raise everybody's moods. 


Bridge at Blenheim Palace

The picturesque bridge at Blenheim Palace


There were hundreds of food stalls, bars, arts and crafts and pet stalls to look around and plenty of free samples. One of my first indulgences of the day was an outstandingly tasty buffalo steak burger (with bacon), which really did set the bar high for the rest of the day. As we were walking with dogs, we occasionally stopped for some shade to help keep them (and us!) cool.  As we sat by one of the big marquees, a lady who ran one of the baked goods stall was telling us how busy she had been and how much hard work running a food stall is. We popped by to see some of her cheesecake creations and were amazed by the size of them. She kindly let me take the picture below - what do you think? Great British Bake Off eat your heart out I think! Their website is worth a look ( as they bake with goods that are gluten, soya, lactose and nut free. 


The team and cheesecakes of When It's Scone It's Gone

The team (and cheesecakes!) of When It's Scone It's Gone


The rest of the day was filled with wandering around the stores, more eating and sampling beers as well as climbing up the Camera Tower, so I was able to get a view of the show from above. As you may know (or soon will know) heights and edges combined aren't my strong point, so there were some nerves as I looked down at some height. The view was incredible and I was able to get this shot of part of the showground. 


The Countryfile Live Showground, as taken from the Camera Tower

The view from the Camera Tower at the Countryfile Live Show


After a bit more walking around, we settled by the river again to let the dogs have a bit of a cool down. It was really peaceful away from the crowds and the venue looks like a place that I would like to return to without the show taking place. We soon head back home to Bristol to relax for the rest of the weekend. And that is exactly what I did when I got back. Sunday's were meant for wasting, right?


This week is full of work, so I need the break. This evening I am re-accrediting for the Welsh EyeCare Service (WECS), before a day at the hospital and the following 4 days in practice. Sunday sees the first home game for Bristol Rovers, so football will be back in full swing.


Until I have anything else to whitter on about, I'll leave it here. Thanks for reading!



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