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Posted on 21st August, 2016

It's been another busy old week in the life of Jason, with 2 full days at the clinical research unit and the other three days out in practice. The work in the hospital seems ages ago and, by lack of memory of it, must have been pretty uneventful! 


In general practise, it has been fairly hectic, with full days of full clinics experienced. I have noted a fair few cases of viral conjunctivitis in the community this week and wonder if there is a strain circulating the area.  It really is like a bus - I've not seen a single case in nearly 2 years, yet I have encountered four cases in as little as 2 weeks. Good hygiene is key and I still am a little paranoid about rubbing my own eyes in case I go down with it myself!


Wednesday saw Rovers take on the might of Bolton Wanderers at the Memorial Stadium. Bolton were recently relegated from the Championship and as such would prove to be a tough match. I left my day in Newport dressed in my ble and white quarters (cue funny and some menacing looks from football rivals Newport...) and battled the traffic to get to the game.


Rovers went 1 down early on in the game, when a low cross got deflected by Rovers midfielder Stuart Sinclair as he tried to clear the ball, sending the shot looping over the head of Steve Mildenhall. Very unlucky. Then a poor decision by a Rovers defender resulted in a direct free-kick outside of the box, which sadly Bolton converted into their second goal of the night.  Not all was lost though, with a second half improvement caused by a change in tactics. A shot rebouded off the post and into the path of Ellis Harrison, who converted it into a goal. Rovers then looked on top for the rest of the second half, but Bolton held on well to keep it a draw. The highlights can be seen below in the video by Bristol Rover's YouTube page:


Match highlights of Bristol Rovers 2-1 defeat against Bolton Wanderers 17/08/2016 - Credit: Bristol Rovers YouTube


Saturday (yesterday) came quickly and sadly I felt too exhausted to go and visit my sister with my family at her new house.  It had been a long and hot week, with barely any time to sort out the housework or other bits of life admin. After a bit of a lie in, Operation: Clean the Place NOW started.  Luckily it was another match day and I managed to listen to Rovers take on Southend United away.  It was a tough game to listen to on the radio, but was exhilarating to hear Rovers go one goal to the good through a Hartley header. However, the joy was soon erased by a controversial free kick given against Rovers leading to a controversial penalty (reasoning by the referee clearly seen to be false in the video below). Southend converted their penalty and Rovers couldn't do enough to take the lead again.  It's decisions like this that ruin football and if I were to make a mistake this big in my role then there would be a whole host of trouble. The ref will most likely get away with it...but hey ho...that is football for you.  Rovers manager Darrell Clarke was furious and you can read his thoughts over on the Evening Post website.



I didn't let the result spoil the rest of my Saturday. I'd signed up for a City Socilaiser event in Bristol for the vening. Our target was the Wetherspoon venue "The Commercial Rooms" where we socialised with several other members. These nights are great for the singles with lots of friends that have settled down, as it brings together people in similar situations. It was good to make a few new friends and I'm looking forward to my next event.


Sunday (today) involved a small lie-in (I really need my energy levels up for this upcoming week) and visiting my parents ready for my Dad's birthday tomorrow. I also managed to squeeze in a few episodes of the fantastic Gotham - possibly the reason as to why my productivity hasn't been too great this weekend. Best work on that this week!


Well, not the most interesting update here, but useful as a diary of my week for the future!! Until next Sunday evening's update, have a great week!



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