Long Overdue Post

Posted on 12th September, 2016

Hello! So a lot of time has passed since I last updated the blog and really not a huge great deal has happened. The summer is really where my money is made as many practices require locum cover over the holiday season and with winter being a dead season in optics, it's best to make hay whilst the sun shines!


The biggest things I can really talk about is the football and me rediscovering Netflix (yes, when you are worn out from a busy day of work, sometimes that is all you can manage!)  


Last week I started to watch the Netflix Original series "Stranger Things", which is some sort of sci-fi thriller involving a monster, a conspiracy cover-up, an abducted young boy and his friends trying to search for him.  This group of friends come across this young girl, who is an escaped science experiment that has telekinetic powers, who also helps them on their quest. Experience-wise, it was worth watching - maybe not the best or coherent story I've watched, but the use of cliff-hangers and a bizarre plot kept me returning until the end.  


The trailer for Netflix's "Stranger Things"


Following the conclusion to this, I have yet to become engrossed in any other title. I'm sure I'll find something else to watch soon, although hoping the social side of things picks up soon.  With football season now taking shape and the Srtorm Chasers Meet next Saturday, I'm sure it will soon!


Saturday saw the return of a long break in Rover's home football fixtures, with a game against 24th Rochdale. Travel to the game was a nightmare, with every delay I could possibly experience somehow coming into effect. Despite a draw of 2-2 and many a disgruntled comments from Rovers fans, I actually thought Rovers played well and could have sealed a winner at the end of the match. I am most annoyed at a poor decision by the referee not to award a free kick for a nasty tackle on Matty Taylor which lead to Rochdale's second goal, which also looked suspiciously offside. A very poor set of match officials that didn't really know what they were doing. I share below a video of the highlights, which also features the challenge on Taylor.  Oh...and what a cracker of a second goal by Taylor:


Rovers vs Rochdale Highlights: Video Credit to Bristol Rovers Football Club


Other than that, there really isn't much to talk about other than flying through Skyrim and trying out "Papers, Please" of which may actually be turned into a video. I need to work on that aspect of the website.  Catch you all next week!




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