CitySocialiser Meet & Rovers Out the FA Cup

Posted on 4th December, 2016

This weekend was not one of my most relaxing weekends, which usually follows that the following full week ahead is likely to be laced with more challenges than usual, but as Christmas is on the horizon I feel the challenge is on. 


Saturday morning was a lovely morning clinic in Chippenham, only marred by the guilt-riddling experience of hitting a bird as it flew out in front of me on the A420.  I am uncertain of it's fate, but it didn't look to good. I still feel pretty bad about it now, but sadly nothing I could have done about it (or can do about it).


Saturday evening involved meeting up for the December Drink with CitySocialiser. For those who haven't heard of or know about CitySocialiser, it is a website that you subscribe to and you can attend social events hosted by other people. It is a great way to meet new friends and to socialise as a group - especially if you live alone. Last night's meet up was at the Pitcher and Piano on Bristol's waterfront.  It was great catching up with familiar faces again and was a much needed release from a few weeks of the illness where I was unable to even contemplate socialising!


Sunday was reserved purely for the FA Cup 2nd round against Barrow. Starting brightly with a Rory Gaffney goal, the game soon fell to pieces, with poor performances all round (officials included).  The game resulted in a 2-1 loss and this saw Rovers out of the cup (yet again to non-League opposition).   The highlights have yet to be compiled, so I leave you with a video of the manager discussing the poor perfomance below.


Darrell Clarke on Bristol Rovers' home defeat against Barrow.  Source: Official BRFC TV / YouTube


Enjoy the week everyone! 

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