Pre-Chase Planning

Posted on 4th May, 2016

Pre-Chase Planning


With the flights booked for 16th May 2016, the timing of this post puts the countdown to 12 days.  The thought of the trip being so close really has me wondering if I have everything prepared ready to just leave on the day.


I have become a bit more serious about storms since my last tour, so have upgraded my bridge camera for a digital SLR...and also invested in a wide-angle lense in order to capture some of the amazing cloudscapes and storm structures.  I've made sure I'm insured against the perils associated with storm chasing (I've only found one company so far willing to insure me...and they classify this as an extreme sport!). I also have to make sure the Netweather have received my disclaimer... well, if it was completely safe then I can imagine it would get boring!


I'm also looking for some better luggage - living out of a suitcase is tough as it is...but living out of a holdall is even more tricky!  Another factor I need to consider is my phone contract. With EE charging me an astonishing £20 for 20MB of data last year - I decided that a better option must exist - so will today be going for a temporary Three contract, which gives me UK allowance abroad. With several chasers using them last year, I feel it is a good option!


I think the final bits of preparation are to make sure I have the general holiday bits and bobs together - sun cream, bug spray...and spending money.  As cheap as steak and beer is out in the American isn't free!  


In the meantime, some videos from the last chase are being reviewed and excitement is being cranked to the maximum as I prepare listening to last year's chase playlist!


Storm passes our hotel in Decatur, Texas,  on the evening of May 20th 2015

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