Finally I'm in Dallas!

Posted on 17th May, 2016

The big day finally arrived. After stopping off at Travelodge Heathrow Central last night, Laura and I travelled by taxi to Heathrow Terminal 5 to set off on Storm Chase 2016.  A nice 7.15am start got us to the airport for just after 9. I don't hold back when I say I really hate the airport part of travelling - and having a bag that held me back at security didn't help (actually still have no idea why I it didn't pass...Nor did the security staff investigating! We tucked into a hearty full English breakfast and met up with fellow chasers Mike, Graham and (also Netweather partner) Ian.


Boarding was pretty smooth and despite some of our best efforts, none of us were sat next to one another. Luckily Laura was in the row and pretty much directly behind me so we did have a familiar face nearby on the flight. British Airways had a great selection of films to choose from and 3 that I wanted to see at the cinema and hadn't yet seem (Star Wars, Deadpool and James Bond in Spectre).  The flight departed about 50 minutes later than scheduled and was otherwise uneventful - apart from me spilling half of my in flight Heineken onto the lady next to me (I still can't apologise enough!)


Immigration was relatively quick this year. Busy, but quick. Ian collected the third chase car and we headed to the Best Western Inn & Suites in Irving, affectionately known as our home away from home. After a quick splash and dash, we headed to Walmart to buy a few supplies (always a slightly peculiar experience...) and some beers.  We then proceeded to Aspen Creek, yet another establishment that we feel we have to visit when we're here. It's always a pleasure.  The evening ended around 10.15 pm local time (for those in the UK, around 4.15 am) after a few drinks by the poolside.


Sorry there are no photographs or video today - today was purely about getting here and after a near 10 hour flight, you don't feel like doing anything much until the day after.


Fingers crossed there may be something to look at tomorrow!