Canyon and Cadillac Graffiti

Posted on 21st May, 2016

Today was an expected down day in Amarillo.  We had quite a party the night before so a lot of us used the opportunity to have an extra few hours sleep and relax. I stayed back so long that I missed breakfast, but to be completely honest with you I was still full from the meal at the Big Texan last night.


Our plan was to hit the Cadillac Ranch off of Route 66, which composed of a number of old Cadillacs installed vertically into the ground as some sort of art statement.  The idea is to bring along some spray paint and graffiti what you wish on the cars, which was a strange feeling as I've never graffitied with spray-paint before. It was a hell of a lot of fun to do, as well as see what other messages and drawings were on the car. As you can see below...I really enjoyed myself!


Jason Spray-Painting a Cadillac

 Leaving my mark in Amarillo


After this trip, we hit Coyote Bluff, a roadside cafe famous for the Burger from Hell that featured on the hit-series Man vs Food. I had a small cup of chilli and a side of fries. Only in America the side is about 6 times the side as the main. It washed down with a Bud, with one of the other guests actually having the famous burger. He polished it off without issue... I could take inspiration from that man!


With our bellies full and our whistle whet, we head off on a 30 minute drive to Palo Duro Canyon, a state park not too far away from Amarillo.  We spent a good time wandering around in the heat and admiring the stunning landscapes. It actually felt nice to get some sun as the normality of living in Britain and working in a darkened testing room doesn't lead to the sunniest of lifestyles!


Palo Duro Canyon

A view of the Palo Duro Canyon State Park


The canyon was beautiful. Not only did we get to explore the low levels and admire the views, we also had a chance to climb into some of the caves and hills. The above photo was taken from just outside one of these caves and doesn't do the view justice.


From the canyon, we returned to the hotel for a brief refresh break before planning on where to go for our evening meal. The movie Twister was playing in our hotel, so a mandatory watch of the film commenced whilst getting ready, before we head off to a Chili's in Amarillo. 


Our plan for tomorrow is a 10am start (4pm UK time) to head towards the southwest region of Kansas. I am thrilled to be on a chase after nearly a year since the last one. It has been a particularly slow start but the models and predictions are looking VERY good for some fantastic storms next week. Watch this space for more information...and more photographs!


As it's pushing 10:30 pm here now, I'm off for an early night ready to be up and ready for the prospective action for tomorrow.  Hopefully the stream will be up tomorrow (Saturday) evening, so be sure to check that out! 

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Photo of canyon looks amazing! It makes a change to see some tourist photos but I am sure you will be posting stormy ones soon. Looks like you are having a good time despite the weather! X