2 Weeks Post Chase

Posted on 11th June, 2016

It's been a couple of weeks now since Storm Chase USA 2016 came to an end for me and I don't know how well I am adapting back to my life as Jason the optician.  I've worked pretty much every day since returning home, battling the jetlag and the post chase blues (with a real hint of storm deprivation syndrome).  It has been tough and I have already started counting down the weeks until I will be boarding my flight to Dallas once more. Only chasers will know how rough this feels - so if you know me in person, please come give me a hug and tell me it's only another 48 weeks until I can re-live my hobby again!


I have been hoping that Tour 3 would be having some incredible footage and photographs this year. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to spoil me and use up all of her good storms whilst I was out there, leaving my friends out there with only the mild thunderstorm and sight-seeing to pass their time. I am also really gutted for my friend and photography hero, John Finney, who wasn't able to capture any tornadoes on camera this year. His photographs are usually breathtaking and I fully recommend checking out his website www.johnfinneyphotography.com.  I hope he gets to see plenty on his trip next year.


Other than work, I have been focusing my spare time on compiling a 20 minute mini-documentary of the Dodge City chase day (May 24th 2016). If you can remember from the blog post from this day (17 Tornadoes, Kansas I Love You More) we saw a whopping 17 tornadoes, with a couple that were a joy to watch and photograph.  It has taken lots of time organising, cutting, pasting, editing, narrating, curse-word-removing (I gave up...after all, it was bleeping brilliant!), compiling and, slowest of all, uploading - but it is finally here.  I hope you find watching it enthralling as I did living it and excuse the few comical moments I threw in there for good measure.  It is available to watch on YouTube here - but I've embedded it below for ease of access.  I really hope you enjoy!


 The video of our epic chase in Dodge City, Kansas, on May 24th 2016


I will be working on the chase day from Bennington to Chapman (aka the Monster Tornado) over the next week or so. Once it is complete, I shall share it with you.  Until then...stay safe!


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