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Posted on 23rd June, 2016

Last night saw a chance of some UK-based storm risk, which isn't a very common occurrance.  As much as I was thrilled it was occurring on a night where I had no work during the day, or the following, I was due at a wedding around the lunch time in Wales, a good 270 miles away (only a mere 5 hour drive...). 


Storm risk in the south east of the UK

Moderate risk in the Sout-East of the UK. Some spectacular lightning

was witnessed by my fellow chasers


Despite it being possible to get to Dover and to meet up with several fellow chasers, a recent cold and a big case of hayfever also factored into my decision to to go travelling across to the coast only to travel back again overnight.  Today's wedding is a big day and wouldn't want to not be at my best.  


There will be other storms here to chase, with last night's moderate risk only producing a lightning show, it wasn't too much that I missed. That said, I did wake up to see some beautiful lightning photos fill up my Facebook newsfeed. 


Were you in the area of any storms last night? Feel free to get in touch and share your story. Until next time, stay safe!

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