Arklatex Storm - November 28th 2016

Posted on 28th November, 2016

As I sit here tonight, I am watching with interest the ENHANCED risk of storms that is forming over the Arklatex (Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas) region of the United States this evening. The Storm Prediction Centre has been aware of a potential for storms for a fair few days in this region and, as predicted, there has been a tornado watch issued for western Louisiana for this evening. 

SPC Weather Outlook on Monday November 28th 2016

The Storm Prediction Centre's activity chart for November 28th 2016


The watch issued states the primary threats include damaging winds (gusts up to 70 mph possible), a few isolated tornadoes (moderate risk of less than EF2, low risk of tornadoes greater than EF2) and isolated hail events (hail up to 1.5 inches in size). I hope all those in the path manage to stay safe in what could be a potentially be a dangerous storm, with equal hope to those chasing it on actually seeing some extreme weather. Sadly, this area is not the best chase territory, but fingers crossed some interesting weather will be witnessed.


In addition to watching the weather events unfold in the USA, I am also watching Horizon: The Wildest Weather in the Universe - which is available to view on the BBC iPlayer. This is a fascinating documentary that looks at the weather on the planets in both the Solar System and the universe. It is definitely worth a watch, with some great explanation as to why it rains diamonds on Saturn, the speeds of the Great Red Spot storm on Jupiter and why planet Wasp 33b is the hottest in the universe.  It is available for the next 15 days, so be quick if you plan to watch it!


Enjoy the rest of your evenings and if any storms occur today in the Arklatex areas, I will try to source some of the storm reports and media to share with you. 

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