AL and MS Tornadoes 29th & 30th November 2016

Posted on 30th November, 2016
Yesterday's moderate risk produced some suspect tornadoes that hit the state of Alabama, unfortunately killing 3 people in Rosalie and critically injuring 4 children in Ider.  The suspect tornado crashed through a mobile home and daycare centre, where the casualties occurred. A church was also destroyed in its path Full news story on this can be found on USA Today. A tweet showing the damage of the church can be seen below.


Twitter picture showing a destroyed church from the Alabama Tornado on Wednesday 30th November

Twitter picture showing the damage of a church following the tornado earlier this morning

Source: Twitter @BreakingNews


The National Weather Service in Jackson, Mississippi, also reported that at least 6 tornadoes were spotted in the state, which damaged trees, powerlines and a building. Thankfully, there were no reports of an immediate injuries. A news report on this can be seen here on the WAPT News website.


Tornadoes are magnificent when you seen them and it is the dream of any storm chaser to see these forces of nature touchdown in a remote field and away from civilisation. Unfortunately it is our worst nightmare when these powerful storms lead to destruction of property and loss of life.  I will always remember the fear and sense of foreboding when we were chasing the Bennington Storm earlier this year, where the thought the nearby town of Chapman, KS, would have been devastated by a large tornado. Thankfully, that entire region of Kansas was extremely lucky, with no deaths that day. I have embedded my footage of that day below.



Memories of the Bennington to Chapman storm on May 2th 2016 (Source:


I shall keep you posted on any further developments in the storms in the USA, as soon as I know more, but until then, stay safe!


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