USA and Europe Quiet - Australia Taking a Battering

Posted on 3rd December, 2016

The end of November and beginning of December of 2016 looked a very active time for the Southern States of America with lots of severe weather and reports of tornadoes. Looking at the Storm Prediction Centre data, very little is forecast over the next couple of days.  I suspect after the battering of intense storms, the locals will be glad of a break.


Currently the day 3 convective out look (which is for Monday 5th December) shows a slight risk of storms in the far Southern States, covering most of Louisiana, southern Alabama, southern Mississippi and the north west of Florida. This is still open to change and the slight risk will either be downgraded or upgraded as more data becomes available closer to the day. 


On the European front, nothing more to report than just a bout of cold air drawn in by the Polar Vortex. Other than having to scrape the thick layer of frost from my windscreen last Wednesday, it hasn't affected the UK greatly. 


Saving the more interesting storm news until last, Australia seems to be taking a fair few hits with supercells of late. Many supercells have passed over in the last week and, as I type this post, a huge storm has just passed over Queensland. This storm was pretty big, knocking out power, bombarding the area with large hail and a deluge of rain. Reports in the Australian Edition of the Huffington Post also state that a teenage has been struck by lightning. 


7 News Queensland Hail Tweet 

7 News Queensland have been tweeting updates on the storm. Click the pictures above to see the related video content on their twitter page.

Source: @7NewsQueensland / Twitter


With a lighter note, a video on YouTube has a small clip of this storm with a storm enthusiast exclaiming what all us storm chasers and enthusiasts say when on a good storm.  Enjoy the clip!


Video clip taken during the December 3rd storm in Queensland, Australia. Source: Tazzy Ando / Youtube


Until my next post... stay safe!

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