A Rare "HIGH" Risk in South USA Kills 19+

Posted on 23rd January, 2017

It's been quite a month since my last posting, with my absence from the blog being a mix of hectic clinic days and sorting out new and exciting career plans for the future (don't worry...I'm still going to be the storm-chasing optometrist!).


Anybody with an interest in storms will have heard about the extremely rare "HIGH" risk that was issued by the Storm Prediction Centre for yesterday's (Sunday 22/01/2017) big storm that hit Georgia badly and the tornado outbreak that hit Missouri the day prior. It has been reported (to date) that at least 19 people (read the post by the Guardian) have lost their lives in these storms and it is events like these that truly bring home the danger associated with these powerful storms. 


Convective Outlook and Tornado Risk 22/01/2017

The Storm Prediction Centre's Convective Outlook and Tornado Risk for 22nd January 2017


I followed a fair portion of this storm online (as lomg as my tiring eyes would let me) and saw several areas of debris from suspected tornadoes. Kelley Williamson, a well known chaser, was live streaming on YouTube (you can see his broadcast of last night's chase by clicking HERE).  A few photos of one of the tornadoes near Albany, GA, surfaced on Twitter and the clearest footage I have found was on the YouTube Channel Breaking Disasters. An embed of the video can be seen below.


Large tornado near Albany, GA on 22/01/2017 - Credit: Breaking Disasters, YouTube


These big outbreaks can be devastating and really bring home the true power of Mother Nature. But, to balance out the horror that these events can produce, they are often beautiful natural occurrences that get the adrenaline pumping to chase. To cap off this storm blog post, I created a summary of the tornadoes seen in the 2016 chase - I hope you enjoy!


My latest video, showing the main tornadoes of Netweather Tour 2 2016 - Credit: Eyesonjason / YouTube


Until next time, stay safe!



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