2 Months Until Chase17 (And I'm Through to the Photo Competition Final!)

Posted on 20th March, 2017

It's that time of the year again where I get overly excited for the upcoming chase season, of which this year I'm affectionately tagging as #Chase17.  In hindsight, I should have been posting updates on what planning that has been done so far in setting things in motion...


My passport was due to expire this coming May, so that was the biggest complication of the plans for this year's chase - and the passport application process isn't the easiest to go through. Several check and send processes and then the saga of the passport being delivered somewhere I could be present to sign for it (not easy when you work as a locum and it physically has to be YOU who signs for it...). The whole process took about 2½ months, but I do now have the thing in my hands and ready to go


Jason and Tour 2 2016 team mates at the Best Western Hot Tub

Jason and friends in the Best Western hot tub - another pool party in 2017?


My final payment to Netweather.tv is due this week also to cover the cost of the chase drivers and accommodation (as well as Paul's brilliant skill of landing us on storms!). Flights have been secured at £733 this year, which is pretty good as the post Brexit flight price increases did threaten to put the costs up to the £1k mark! Interestingly, the cost is pretty much average between the first and second tours, so although high - I'm happy with the price!  Additionally, my ESTA and First night's accommodation has been booked - so another night at the Best Western Inn and Suites in Irving awaits me. No doubt the standard evening at Aspen Creek will also feature - and I may actually take on the full Monte Cristo sandwich this year!


Half of a Monte Cristo Sandwich...with a less than healthy salad!

The healthy Monte Cristo sandwich - deep fried turkey, ham and cheese (in doughnut 

mix), served with a pot of jam...


There is still plenty left to do - I need to arrange my insurance (Dog Tag will be getting my custom again...even if I do get overly excited about having my details printed on a dog tag) and also to get some travel money. I'm a little anxious at the exchange rate, sadly the pound is very weak against the dollar right now, but hopefully will pick up! Then it's a case of working out my travel to the airport and getting on the plane. The excitement is ramping up...


Further adding to the excitement is the FINAL of the netweather.tv photo competition has started. One of my photographs from the 2016 chase was lucky enough to be voted into the final, with a prize that will help lower the cost of a future storm chase.  You can view the final 13 entries by visiting the Netweather Community Forum. There are some brilliant photographs to view and I highly recommend visiting and joining. Membership is free and allows you a vote in the competition, that finishes at 11 am this coming Friday (March 24th). Vote for your favourite - but if you're struggling to pick one, mine is Photo 7!  Even if you're not up for voting, the community provides talk of all things weather, be it clear blue skies to blizzards and fog - there is weather topics for everyone.


That's enough from me right now - with 2 months to go, I'll be keeping you posted on future updates as they happen. 

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