Post-Chase Blues

Posted on 24th June, 2017

The post chase blues can be horrible. It can make you feel irritable and crabby, with a huge element of misery upon hearing people seeing a tornado or supercell when you're returning back to your normal day job. 


They arise from the sheer difference in lifestyle and way of living. The few weeks leading up to the chase are filled with excitement, anticipation of what you will see and experience and grouped with the relief that a break from normality is around the corner. You get to meet up with old friends and new friends alike - build lasting friendships bonded by the dangers and perils you experience as lightning rains down on you at all angles and hailstones write-off your windscreen. You are surrounded by people all day, every day. Having a great time and experiencing new things (even if the new thing is trying the 3 burger-meats in one, topped with a questionable relish). You basically eat, chase, sleep and repeat for 10-11 days - never knowing where you will rock up that evening. 


Burger from the Garage, Norman

Everything about home is different to the chase, even the ridiculous lunches


Then home hits. A relatively safe environment, with loving friends and family (without them right now it would be a little tricky! - they are very much appreciated). You see others living out their hobby, posting lightning pictures and recounting tales of tornado interceptions - living the lifestyle that you love, whilst having to work hard to pay for your next trip (which seems longer than a year away...) and to work off your belly that has developed from the lack of real exercise and the bombardment of calories and fats that every USA mouthful provides. It's a culture shock! It makes you feel sad!


Sad to be back

Post chase do we beat them?


This was the third year that I've battled through them. This year has been better as I have a girlfriend to keep me company (previous years of being single and living alone made the blues much worse!). I've found better ways of coping this year.  So for those returning from the States this weekend from the last week of feasible chasing, here are a few tips on beating the Post Chase Blues:


1) Enjoy your captures. Be it video, photo or stories.  You took them. You experienced them and they will bring a smile to your face. Just don't go through them all too soon! Make them last!


Enjoy your content!

Enjoy your content - relive your memories!


2) Wean yourself off of the junk food. Seriously I went cold turkey this year and started really craving a burger. Craving to the point that I felt sick.  Try throwing in some healthier alternatives as you go as well - your body will appreciate them.


Monte Cristo Sandwich..the most unhealthy sandwich in Dallas

This is not long-term health food. Slowly ween away from this and on to an 

apple or something!


3) Increase your activity slowly. Remember. 10-11 days sat in a car and eating rubbish isn't good for you, or your fitness. Don't expect to come home and be able to run a marathon - build it up slowly to avoid injury. But do exercise...we are all probably carrying a little more Burger King than we need right now!


Jason bin bag racing

Exercise - be it running or bin bag racing, do some! But build up slowly!


4) Family and friends. Mostly they will be pleased to see you. Spend time with them. Tell them about your adventures. Let them tell you about their adventures too!  They will make you feel better about not being out there chasing still. Trust me!


My family and friends have been a great help since being back


5) Take social media breaks. If you're missing chasing, the last thing you want is an update from Reed Timmer yelling that he is a small distance away from an EF4 tornado after losing his windshield to hail. That is the last thing you want.


Darn social media - I don't want to know about your tornado today...


6) Avoid the SPC Convective Outlook like the plague. Sure, it's natural on tour to see what the SPC are saying. But whatever the's nigh on impossible to chase it from the UK (unless you feel up for virtual chasing...)


Give it a rest...for a bit. This is unchaseable from the UK. Trust me, i

t hurts seeing this when I am in Bristol


7) Plan the occasional virtual chase. Usually this is good towards the end of the blues and you have had a few weeks to recover from them. Allow yourself to monitor the SPC and social media and get your chase on. 


8) Meet-ups. You've formed a bond with many chasers. Stay in touch. Give them the support from the post-chase blues that they may be feeling too. Meet up! I've met up with Olly and Adam since being back and we give each other the boosts we need to keep going...and it is the other chasers that will encourage you to ditch the blues and get excited for the chase next's now less than 11 months away...


Chaser meet-ups, recount and relive your memories! (Photo Credit: Adam Simpkins)

What are your tips on beating the post-chase blues?  Feel free to comment below. 




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