Storm Talks in November

Posted on 19th December, 2017

The last time we spoke, I was preparing a talk to give at the Rotary Club of Chippenham and Wiltshire Vale.  This was going to be my first talk about the adventures I have been part of during Netweather and Weather Holidays' Storm Chase USA holidays and to be frank, I was very anxious about it.


It took place on November 20th at the Angel Hotel in Chippenham. I arrived and sat in the bar awaiting to see if I could find someone from the Rotary Club. I was ridiculously early, but soon enough many members arrived and I was able to set up the slideshow. Unfortunately my laptop is quite ancient now (pre-dating my graduation from university!) and a few last minute alterations were required so that my laptop could handle the presentation.


One of the many slides used for the Storm Talk

One of my slides for the Rotary Storm Talk


The talk was well received (or so I have been told) and may have inspired a few people to look into chasing the MidWest in the future. It also gave me confidence to work towards the talk to 67th Kingswood/1st Mangotsfield Beavers on the Wednesday of the week.  Now this talk was different - mainly focusing on the different types of weather and the symbols used to indicate the weather. It was also different giving a talk to a much younger audience. Again, I heard it was well received and would be happy to provide this talk to other groups in the future.



A very close and captivated young audience!


Christmas brings a lull in work and the organising of activities storm-related. I meet with Olly and Andy early in the new year - which should provide more excitement for the upcoming storm chase. 


Until then, 





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