Storm Video Gallery

Welcome to the storm video gallery, where I share videos of tornadoes, lightning, supercells and all things storm-related.  The videos are hosted on YouTube - please subscribe to my channel eyesonjason and ring the bell to receive notifications when I upload new footage!

From the 2018 Storm Chase

Driving Through a Lightning Barrage

Adam, Olly and I enjoyed our drive through North Platte (Nebraska) in 2018.


We encountered some frequent and powerful cloud-to-ground lightning on our journey, with bolts of lightning raining down on us like a lightning barrage. This video shows a good number of bolts that crashed down in front of us, but sadly doesn't show the intensity of what was happening around us.

From the 2017 Storm Chase

Magical Skies - New Mexico


Sometimes it isn't about the adrenaline-fuelled excitement of large hailstones, tornadoes and lightning. 


Anyone who has chased storms will admit, throw in some structure (especially at sunset) and you'll have a treat of a memory for years to come. This was the highlight chase of 2017 for me - watch it and you'll see why!

Hail Bombardment in Colorado 


In probably some of the largest hail that we have seen to date, this video shows how we nearly got caught out in 3" hail...thankfully our car survived, but we did have 2 windscreens crack...


Watch the road just ahead of the car - as this is where the camera was focused to really show you the size of the hailstones. 

  Shelf Cloud Approaching Kanorado


This footages captures the approaching shelf cloud of a supercell in Kanorado on May 26th 2017. Sped to 10x, the footage was captured on my new SJ6000.


Sometimes the motion of these storms is best captured via timelapse! Unfortunately, there were no encounters with severe weather from this storm, but the structure was impressive.

The Dangers of Strong Inflow 


This dash-footage captures the dangers of driving in high wind conditions, with a near accident by the lorry in front and a lorry accident in the centre of the highway.


This video highlights the importance of driving carefully when chasing, as the tornadoes, hail and lightning are not the only threats encountered!

EF0 Tornado in Yuma County, Colorado


This is the footage of the lone tornado that we saw during the 2017 storm chase. It shows both real-speed footage and time-lapse footage of the tornado.


Believe it or not, moments before this we were being bombarded with hail...and nearly missed this twister! Unfortunately, not all tornadoes are picturesque!

From the 2016 Storm Chase

Intense Hail Storm in Tonkawa, Oklahoma


This video looks at the intense hail storm that hit us as we took shelter in Tonkawa, Oklahoma, on May 27th 2016.


This video shows size doesn't always matter when it comes to hail!

 Tornadoes, Tornadoes, Tornadoes! 2016 


2016 spoiled us rotten with the weather we managed to see. From small and spindly rope tornadoes, to a half-mile wide wedge tornado, the tour had it all. 


This video is a brief compilation of all the tornadoes that I managed to capture on video. Sit back and enjoy the tornado-highlights!

 Pretty LP in Orlando, Oklahoma


On May 27th it was time to head home - but on our journey back to Dallas, we spotted this LP supercell forming just off the I-35.


A brief stop to timelapse the low-precipitation supercell shows an attempt at a funnel cloud forming in the clear-slot. Whilst it didn't produce, it was lovely to watch and to seal off the 2016 tour before the long journey home. 

Hail Approaching Tonkawa


On May 27th a large hail core was seen to be passing through Oklahoma, so we stopped near Tonkawa and watched this wall of hail crash through.


The timelapse clearly shows a moving wall of ice as the supercell rolled ahead of us. We entered the hail core and this can be seen in the video "Intense Hail Storm in Tonkowa".

Bennington to Chapman Monster Tornado


On May 25th 2016 a seemingly quiet day rocked up to be a day not to be forgotten, when a half-mile wide tornado rolled through Kansas. This video documents one of the most intense chases that I have been on, where we were certain the tornado was going to tear through the town of Chapman, Kansas.


Gripping stuff!

Tornado Frenzy in Dodge City


On May 24th 2016 we witnessed the cyclic superell that passed over Dodge City, Kansas, bringing us no less than 17 tornadoes. The constant rocking motion of the cloud bases and tornado after tornado dropping from the sky, no wonder it is one of the most talked about storm chases of recent years. You had to be there to truly appreciate it! 

The Perfect Tornado


On May 24th 2016, the Dodge City Supercell produced this stunning tornado. I'd call in perfection, although also in agreement with Pecos Hank's description "Conception of the Gods"!


From a young age, I have wanted to see a tornado just like this one. I am extremely lucky to have that dream come true!

 The Leoti Storm


On May 21st 2016 we witnessed a preefect set-up - resulting in a classic supercell that remained stationary on the dry line. It produced two tornadoes, of which we saw one. This video shows the chase highlights.

Playing in the Kansas Hail


May 25th 2016 will be a day to remember for a number of reasons. Not only did we have a close intercept with a tornado that was half-mile wide, we also had some large hail to "play" with. This video features in the longer "The Monster Tornado" video, but focuses purely on the hail storm we got caught in.


Look out for the improvised hail-protection!

From the 2015 Storm Chase

My First Tornado


This was the first tornado that I have ever witnessed and it proved quite the first! The footage, taken from May 27th 2015, shows the build up and the action from the storms that passed over Canadian, Texas. 


It was before I had invested in decent imaging equipment (and tripod) so apologies for the lower quality!

Core Punching in Lamar


Core-punching is the act of driving through the storm's precipitation core to get to the other side. It is quite a dangerous manoeuvre, especially on tornado-warned storms as you risk driving straight into a rain-wrapped tornado.


The other risk is often large hail. Very large hail - this video demonstrates this well!