7 Weeks To Go, 2nd Place and A Tornado Cake

Posted on 27th March, 2017

I'm now getting more than a bit excited. I'll hopefully be chasing my first storm in a little under 7 weeks time and I am sat here wishing those 7 weeks would fly by.  I'm still amazed at how close this season is, already imagining the stickiness of the humid air and the stench of the Kansas cattle farms...


...Ok, now we've tried our best to make those who can't make it out here not jealous... the imagination is now set on massive mesocyclonic supercells, strobe lightning and enough tornadoes to make Twister look like it was being frugal on it's many round, spinney things! It has been made all the more exciting as the season has already started with a bang, with some huge storms sweeping across the USA. There is the obvious hype train occurring (Mr Timmer proclaimed there would be at least 50 tornadoes this week, which is beginning to look a lot less likely, but the weather is still active!).  The highlight this week was the large hailstones that came down in Argyle, Texas, which were almost the size of tennis balls!


Tennis ball sized hail stones in Argyle, Texas

Tennis-ball sized hail in Argyle (Texas) on March 26th 2017 (Credit: Respective Twitter Posters / Twitter)


Following on from the last blog post, the votes have all been counted and I am happy to say that I placed second in the Netweather photo competition for the 2016 storm chases. I am not 100% sure what the prize is, but feel absolutely thrilled to have placed so highly. Thank you to those of you that voted for my entry, I am very grateful. 1st prize went to my storm chasing buddy, Laura, whose image of the same storm (different composition) amazingly doubled the number of votes that mine won. It truly was an outstanding picture! For a rundown of all the final entries, visit the Netweather Community Forum and get involved!


The Leoti Supercell, Kansas May 21st 2016

My entry for the Netweather Photo Competition 2016. Leoti (Kansas) on May 21st 2016


On my final point for this week's update - it's my birthday tomorrow (March 28th) and I have spent the weekend in pre-birthday activities. Saturday involved a trip to Coventry to watch Rovers play (read more about this in my personal blog post) with the evening involving my close friends and sister come to celebrate with a few beers and play Jackbox Games. It was a great evening, although the highlight of the evening was this mouth-watering and awe-inducing cake, baked by my very talented girlfriend, Hannah. I think initially the tornado on this was rated at EF2, but after a day or so of assessing the damage, there is very little left. It definitely is an EF5 star cake! Thanks Hannah!


The EF5 Tornado Cake - Baked and Decorated by Hannah

My perfect tornadic birthday cake, baked by my lovely girlfriend Hannah


Clearly that is enough excitement (and sugar) for one week. There will be plenty of updates in the near future as the storm season picks up and the countdown to #Chase17 begins. Have a safe week!

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